Customizing of Standrt Enclosures

Customizing of Standrt Enclosures

Machining such as cutting, drilling and threading

We are capable of manufacturing enclosures with customer-specific customization with low costs even for small quantities. Our enclosures can be machined to customer requirements with cuttings, holes, threads and countersinking so that the enclosures are ready to install with the best quality. For large series, we can also provide customer-specific additional tools.

We use Cuboflex and Fanuc units for customizing our thermoplastic enclosures. Our modular mold tooling structures enable cost-efficient mould installation and adding.

Silk Screen Printing

Our enclosures can be customized to look like the customer’s own; not only by painting, but also with silk screen printing. Silk screen printing is an easy way to print, for example, company logos, operating instructions and symbols onto the enclosures even for small batch sizes.

Mechanical assembly of accessories and industrial components

All of our enclosures can be equipped with different components such as DIN rails, terminals, windows, cable glands, PCB’s, connectors and keypads. We are also able to acquire third party components and thus save customers time and energy. Our offering also includes ready wired enclosure systems with the capability to add hardware and software.

Special-design enclosures

Special-design enclosures


The production of our solutions is carried out in our modern manufacturing plants with state-of-the-art facilities. As a part of the production process, we are able to sub-assemble all the mechanical and electrical parts needed for the tailored solution so that they are ready to be installed when delivered.

Electromechanical assembly, auxiliary electronics assembly and wiring

We have all the necessary capabilities to offer electromechanical assemblies, typically level 1-4 integration. Our assemblies fulfill related standards for low and medium voltage centre manufacturing EN 60439-1 and our manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 quality certified.

Testing including e.g. environmental and functionality testing

We test the endurance and the quality of our integrated enclosures, so that the customer gets the working solution for the exact environment and functionality they demand. In our testing facilities we have the possibility to do IP / IK testing, as well as test the correct functionality of the complete enclosures with electromechanical assembly inside.